Architecture Commercial

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  • Client:
    Prince Sultan Cultural Centre
  • Use:
    Retail and Recreational
  • Year:
  • Location:
    Jeddah, KSA
  • GFA:
    75,210 sqm
  • No. Floors:
    G 1

The concept for this Jeddah Exhibition Center celebrates its primordial location, as the visual culmination of the Master plan’s main axis by punctuating it with an iconic design and innovative planning that aims to place Prince Sultan Cultural Center amongst World-Class Exhibition Centers worldwide.
The curvilinear shape of the proposal draws inspiration from the surroundings – an ever changing formation of sand dunes. Its free-form creates an edifice that not only enforces the notion of natural occurrence but also allows flexibility for different types of exhibitions and events. An entirely open plan is accomplished by placing the structural skeleton outside the envelope thus maximizing the exhibition’s floor flexibility. The core of the available plot is designed as an OPEN PLAZA, an outdoor event space, onto which covered exhibition areas spill.