Master Planning

  • Client:
    Al Duaa
  • Use:
    Mixed Use
  • Year:
  • Location:
    The World, Dubai
  • GFA:
  • No. Floors:
    Mid Density | G 2

Following the proposed amalgamation of the two land masses, an elevated ridge or spine will run through the centre of the island. This allows for a sloping grade down towards the beachfront in all directions, giving more freedom in unit design and maximizing views for residential villas. The ridge also serves to effectively separate the service access point from the public docks on the other side of the island, creating a buffer zone between the two.

The topography of the island will also have an effect on the urban fabric, yielding itself to a more organic grouping and terracing of units. This is the key to the development of the master plan, which makes Malaysia and Sumatra into not just a destination, but a unique experience with its own sense of character and place.