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Majlis Jeddah Cornich Interior Master Bedroom

JCT-3Bedroom Apartments Spa


  • Client:
  • Use:
    High-End Residential Serviced Apartments | Commercial
  • Year:
  • Location:
    Jeddah, KSA
  • GFA:
    261,700 Sqm
  • No. Floors:
    G 3 Retail 56 Residential Floors

The main inspirational concept behind the design of this project finds its roots from the perception of the main intention behind its construction: Embracement & Togetherness.

By inviting all family members to gather and live under “one roof” togetherness and unity will be achieved. Furthermore, by promoting different group activities and facilities in different floor levels, family members will share the joy and happiness, which eventually brings them closer. The old friendship bonds will be revived and new ones will be created.

Embracement, by terminology refers to the act of holding close with arms. As a result, the embracer expresses affection and moreover maintains comfort and security for the other party. Embracement can also be mentioned as one way that parents shows their affection towards their children. We believe that building a house, which can also be referred as a shelter, will put this term into actual practice.

Fluid forms of the podium retail objects, followed by the smooth circulation and corridors, all highlights the basic design concept; Inviting people in from streets and Embracement.

Embracement can be well-expressed architecturally by wrapping motions.
As the towers, hit the podium, they start wrapping themselves around the podium elements. In the interior elevations of the retail center, the wrapping effect has been overly emphasized with various bands which are enfolding the imaginary cantilevered cubes.

The overall interior elevation of the retail center follows the same architectural language of Jeddah historical souk’s elevations. Emphasis on the continuous horizontal bands, projected boxes (overly-emphasized by their different color schemes from the back walls), and rigid modular panels, can be mentioned as the main design principles of old Jeddah architectural practice.