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  • Client:
  • Use:
    Hotel Lobby | Lounge Area
  • Year:
  • Location:
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • GFA:
    1,200 Sqm

Capital Gate Tower was conceptualized on the basis of establishing an Icon for Abu Dhabi. The underlying function of this building is a means to an end in support of its ultimate goal which is to represent innovation and grandeur in Abu Dhabi’s ever growing context. The concept of its architecture stems from its location along the historical road previously used for parading national defense’s latest security equipment, both on land and water. The latter being ships displayed along its canal front informed the tower’s concept as a dialogue between ship and the strong forces of water hitting its hull. The water’s shear energy may push onto the ships but the hull resists the force of the wave.

It is unquestionable that the fluidity is embodied through the building’s form. It is pure and organic. Likewise all its integral elements shall be devoted to the architectural concept. We also foresee relevance in fluid and movement within the interiors in order to celebrate this architecture. Water is a recurring notion in the tower’s design. As much as possible it should be incorporated in the elements of the interiors through fluid shapes and patterns.

The architecture is undeniably dynamic. Not unlike water, movement should also be part of the interior’s concept. This can be achieved by the shape of elements such as pendant lights or otherwise in the graphics and wall textures.