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01_EIIC Gate Hotel_External Perspective 02_EIIC Gate Hotel_External Perspective

03_EIIC Gate Hotel_External Perspective 04_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Diagram

05_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model 06_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model

07_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model 08_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model

09_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model 10_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model

11_EIIC Gate Hotel_Section 12_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model

13_EIIC Gate Hotel_Massing Model  14_EIIC Gate Hotel_Roof Plan



  • Client:
    Bab Ezzouar
  • Use:
    Mixed Use
  • Year:
  • Location:
  • GFA:
    112,500 Sqm
  • No. Floors:
    G 12

The site is an agglomeration of 11 smaller sites combined into one and sits along the main thoroughfare connecting the city to the airport. It is proposed that the Office component should be at the South East corner whereas the more peaceful corner at the opposite end would house the Residential component. The Leisure component is placed along the South West of the site. The programmatic requirements of the leisure are usually internal blocking almost of external sound connections.