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Facade Detail  DFWAC  Pantry revised courtyard  Interior Courtyard    SAM_0143 rev 01

Corridor    Facade Detail

  • Client:
  • Use:
    Office | Clinic
  • Year:
  • Location:
    Dubai, UAE
  • GFA:
    2000 Sqm
  • No. Floors:
    G 0

The main idea behind the design of this project is to create a peaceful ‘Healing’ environment for the patients. Balance, harmony, security, comfort and above all, a happy environment can have a major influence and effect on the recovery period. Creating an indoor-outdoor courtyard invites nature into the building, while providing natural light and ventilation. The Japanese Garden has been the primary inspiration behind this concept. The logical balance between these design elements creates peace and harmony.
Natural elements such as water play major role in achievement of these goals.
With its magical light reflecting character and its calming sound, water ponds can be referred as the main key to a successful landscape design.
The hierarchy among bushes and tree heights is another relation which should get considered.